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Over 350,000 successful treatments performed and here is what a couple happy customers have to say.

After hundreds of dollars spent on worthless prescription and over-the-counter so-called remedies, hours turned into days of combing and a near emotional breakdown, I came across an AirAllé provider. I happily went to her to receive “treatment” and wished I had known of her before I wasted so much time and money.*

DahliaChicago, IL

Lice clinics is a lifesaver. Our whole family was checked and two of us were treated. One and done visit. We have not had any issues and it has been 3 weeks. The owners and the manager were extremely accommodating and helpful. They were very knowledgeable and able to calm our very anxious daughter. I highly recommend them to anyone dealing with this issue. Definitely worth it.

Tina Matthews Ventura

After attempting to remediate lice at home, by ourselves, I finally decided to give lice remediation a shot. It was worth every penny. We were treated with respect, treated and combed out and told exactly what we needed to do at home. We walked out of their lice free and have stayed that way. I highly reccomend this for anyone who gets lice.

April Penberthy Ritchie

I just wanted to say thank you. My daughter and I received the AirAllé treatment last month and I’m so happy I found your service! Apparently I had no clue what to look for regarding eggs because I spent nearly 3 months trying to get rid of them. The one-time AirAllé treatment worked wonderfully and we continue to use the conditioner to help keep them at bay. Again, thank you for the professional, friendly and superb service!*

IreneGrand Rapids, MI

We had a lice issue called the clinic up and they had an immediate opening. We went over to the Marlton clinic and did a visual inspection on three of us.They were very nice and pleasant to work with. They even waved the fees for the head inspections. Only one had the full procedure. It does take some time to do so worth the time and the money. Three weeks free, A few hours and your done no messy chemicals to deal with. I highly recommend.

Russell Cohn
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